Denise Collins, MS, LMT, LAc


Did you know that our fat intake is directly related to inflammation.  Out goal it to replace bad fats with good fats and lower inflammation. Eliminate deep fried foods (French fries, chicken nuggets) Choose leaner cuts of meat Use coconut oil (unrefined) or peanut oil for high heat and extra virgin olive oil for low …

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The Power of Algae & Chlorophyll Nutrition

Green Super Food, wheat grass, barley grass and Algae contain more chlorophyll than any other food with Algae at the highest level. Algae is food not a supplement grown in fresh water, and is far more nutrient dense than kale or broccoli.  There are two main types of algae, spirulina and chlorella with different nutritional …

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Cruciferous Vegetables

For thousands of years cruciferous vegetables have been used medicinally to treat gout, diarrhea, stomach ailments, headaches, mushroom poisoning, and to promote wound healing. The crucifer flowers are cross-shaped (crucis is Latin for cross).  Cruciferous vegetables (or brassicas) are thought to play an important role in cancer prevention. These vegetables contain phytochemicals known as isothiocyanates. …

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